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Paul Marcarelli (writer, THE GREEN and yes, he was also the Verizon Guy)

Posted on October 11, 2011  | Filed Under LGBT Movie News & Gossip, VIP Q Movie Pick
Paul Marcarelli

“I am a huge fan of all things Todd Haynes, and while his work is not exclusively LGBTQ focused, I would have to say his perspective and thematic drive have been immensely influential on my own work and creative sensibility. I love that in films like Poison, Safe and Superstar (which I was lucky enough to see on VHS back in the early 90’s), he exposes the darker corners of the human psyche, but at the same time, he finds a way to challenge us to respond with the broadest possible spectrum of emotion and thought. After watching the full eight hours of his Mildred Pierce (two times through) a few months back, I decided to watch Far From Heaven again. I love that movie. Every frame possesses its own energy, tension, beauty and purpose. In it he pays homage to the films of Douglas Sirk, specifically All That Heaven Allows, but also manages to comment on the culture and mores of America in the 1950s in a way that feels fresh and totally relevant to a contemporary audience. And it holds up. In fact I think this film and what it has to say about the potent toxicity of repression will remain important until someone figures out how to do away with homophobia in all its forms. Even then, the film would stand on its own as great story-telling.”

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The Green from Wolfe Video on Vimeo.