Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

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In this humorous look at relationships, two couples face upheavals with their significant others: a married man has a gay reawakening, while his sexy sister — conflicted about her impending marriage — dumps her wimpy fiancé at a grocery store.

Year Produced: 2013
Directed By: Arvin Chen
Starring: Mavis Fan, Richie Jen
Language: Mandarin
Run Time: 106 min.
Rating: Unrated

I Am Happiness On Earth

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Emiliano looks at his life with the eyes of a film director, mixing the objective reality with the processes of the artistic creation. The story he is filming flounders with his daily life, until his world is trapped in the lens of his camera. Love, sexuality and the true self are all themes explored in the latest from Mexican Auteur Julián Hernández (A Thousand Peace Clouds Encircle The Sky, Broken Sky, Raging Sun, Raging Sky).

Year Produced: 2014
Directed By: Julian Hernandez
Starring: Andrea Portal, Gabino Rodríguez, Hugo Catalán
Language: Spanish
Run Time: 124 min.
Rating: Not Rated

Burning Blue

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Drawn from the author’s own life, BURNING BLUE explores the concepts of love, friendship and honor in the U.S. Navy when a routine accident investigation turns into a modern-day Witch Hunt. Following two fatal mishaps involving F-18 jets aboard an aircraft carrier a government agent is placed aboard the ship to determine what may be at the root of these accidents. His mission abruptly changes course when a young sailor reports seeing one of the fleets’ top-ranking fighter pilots in a gay club. The suspected aviator and three of his squadron mates and their spouses become the subjects of a deadly investigation entangling them in a web of jealousy and deceit changing their lives forever.

Year Produced: 2013
Directed By: D.M.W. Greer
Starring: Cotter Smith, Michael Cumpsty, Michael Sirow, Morgan Spector, Rob Mayes, Tammy Blanchard, Trent Ford, William Lee Scott
Language: English
Run Time: 96 min.
Rating: Not Rated

Oy Vey! My Son is Gay!

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A romantic comedy, featuring a Jewish family struggling to come to terms with their son’s non-Jewish and gay boyfriend, stars Lainie Kazan, Saul Rubinek, Vincent Pastore, John Lloyd Young, Jai Rodriguez, Bruce Vilanch, and Carmen Electra!

A Long Island couple struggles to come to terms with the fact that their son is gay after he comes out of the closet at his cousin’s wedding. When every attempt to understand their son’s lifestyle ends in failure, Nelson’s (Lloyd Young) parents decide to have dinner with the boyfriend’s parents, and discover the power of compassion. Trying their best to keep Nelson’s sexuality a well-guarded secret, Shirley (Kazan) and Martin (Rubinek) realize that all bets are off when their son and his partner attempt to adopt a child, blowing the lid off the closet door!

Year Produced: 2009
Directed By: Evgeny Afineevsky
Starring: Bruce Vilanch, Carmen Electra, Jai Rodriguez, John Lloyd Young, Lainie Kazan, Saul Rubinek, Vincent Pastore
Language: English
Run Time: 90 min.
Rating: PG-13

Bumblef**k, USA

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Distraught by the suicide of her gay friend Matt, Alexa travels from Amsterdam to Matt’s small American town, hoping to uncover the reasons that led Matt to take his own life. She arrives with a backpack, her video camera, and intentions to make a film about what it’s like to be gay in Bumblef**k, USA. While filming her documentary, Alexa meets a self-confident artist Jennifer and has her own drama when she falls in love with her. Alexa has never felt this way about another woman. During her hot summer weeks in Bumblef**k, she’s makes a new special friend, clashes with others, and ultimately discovers more about herself than she could ever have imagined.

Year Produced: 2011
Directed By: Aaron Douglas Johnston
Starring: Cat Smits, Heidi M. Sallows, Jeff Smith, John Watkins, Ryan Gourley, Ryan Overton
Language: English
Run Time: 91 min.
Rating: Not Rated

WolfeOnDemand.com Sizzler Reel

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Discover the world of LGBT cinema now on streaming and download at our global LGBT movie platform http://www.WolfeOnDemand.com. Click through now to watch tr...
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Time: 01:01 More in Film & Animation

Breaking Through

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In Breaking Through, openly LGBT elected officials at all levels — including the first gay US Senator, Tammy Baldwin — share their stories of self- doubt and triumph over multiple barriers ranging from race and poverty to gender and sexual orientation, revealing a deeply personal, rarely-seen side of politicians and gay people.
Though featuring politicians, it isn’t about politics: it’s about people who feel fear and shame, yearning to live meaningful lives. They reveal how they broke through barriers internally — daring to believe something different than what they were told — and externally to achieve the future they envisioned. By showing that “anything is possible,” they impact people from all walks of life.

Year Produced: 2012
Directed By: Cindy L. Abel
Starring: Alex Wann, Joel Burns, Kate Brown, Kathy Webb, Lupe Valdez, Phyllis Frye, Tammy Baldwin
Language: English
Run Time: 84 min.
Rating: Not Rated


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DVD Wolfe Price: $19.95


“Excellent, gripping, surprisingly funny and beautifully shot.” — Out Magazine

Grand Jury Award — Best Screenplay and Best U.S. Dramatic Feature, Outfest

Set in the free-spirited San Francisco of 1985, Chris Mason Johnson’s Test lovingly portrays this exciting and harrowing era as young Frankie (dancer Scott Marlowe in a breakout acting debut) confronts the challenges of being an understudy in a modern dance company where he’s taunted to “dance like a man!” Frankie embarks on a budding relationship with hunky Todd (Matthew Risch, HBO’s “Looking”), a veteran dancer in the same company and the bad boy to Frankie’s naiveté.

As Frankie and Todd’s friendship deepens, they navigate a world of risk — it’s the early years of the epidemic — but also a world of hope, humor, visual beauty and musical relief. The captivating dance sequences were especially choreographed for the film by acclaimed U.S. choreographer Sidra Bell. The film’s vibrant soundtrack includes work by ‘80s icons Jimmy Somerville (Bronski Beat), Klaus Nomi, Romeo Void, Laurie Anderson, Martha and the Muffins, Cocteau Twins and Sylvester.

Test is a beautiful new gay drama from writer-director Chris Mason Johnson (The New Twenty).

6/06 – San Francisco, Berkeley, Sebastopol
6/10 – Denver, Portlant
6/11 – Philadelphia
6/13 – Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta
6/27 – Columbus
7/11 – Santa Fe
And More to Come – click for details!

Year Produced: 2013
Directed By: Chris Mason Johnson
Starring: Damon K. Sperber, Kristoffer Cusick, Matthew Risch, Scott Marlowe
Language: English/Closed Captions
Run Time: 90 min.
Rating: Not Rated

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