Looking Season 2

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DVD Wolfe Price: $24.95 Available: July 21, 2015
BLURAY Wolfe Price: $29.95 Available: July 21, 2015


In the second season, Looking continues to offer up the unfiltered experiences of three close friends – Patrick, Agustín and Dom – living, and loving, in modern-day San Francisco. Patrick (Jonathan Groff) finds himself getting what he thinks he wants only to realize it’s not actually what he needs. He and his boss Kevin (Russell Tovey), begin a messy affair, while Patrick also tries to figure out if he and Richie (Raúl Castillo) can still be friends. Agustín (Frankie J. Alvarez), floundering after his breakup at the end of last season, decides to leave his art aspirations behind while striking up a friendship with a charming “bear” named Eddie (guest star Daniel Franzese). Dom (Murray Bartlett) continues his dream to open a restaurant, but faces many ups and downs in securing financing – and in his relationship with Lynn (guest star Scott Bakula).

With naturalism and humor, Looking continues to explore the search for happiness and intimacy in an age of unparalleled choices – and rights – for gay men, with the progressive, sexually open culture of San Francisco serving as a backdrop for the trio’s lives.

Starring Jonathan Groff (The Normal Heart, Frozen), Frankie J. Alvarez (Smash), and Murray Bartlett (August) and returning as series regulars are Lauren Weedman (Date Night), and Russell Tovey (The History Boys).

Guest stars include Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls) and Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap)

Starring: Frankie J. Alverez, Jonathan Groff, Lauren Weedman, Murray Bartlett, Russell Tovey
Run Time: 300 min.

My Beautiful Laundrette Blu-ray

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BLURAY Wolfe Price: $29.95 Available: July 21, 2015


From Criterion Collection! Widescreen Blu-ray of a gay classic.

Daniel Day Lewis’s outstanding performance as a gay punk Londoner who falls in love with an Indian laundrette owner.

An unpredictable and charming social comedy from director Frears (Prick Up Your Ears). A young English-born Pakistani and his punk friend turned lover (Daniel Day-Lewis) together brave the ugly reality of racism and homophobia as they transform a dingy East End laundrette into a profitable and glitzy laundry emporium.

Year Produced: 1985
Directed By: Stephen Frears
Starring: Daniel Day Lewis, Gordon Warnecke, Roshan Seth, Saeed Jaffrey, Shirley Anne Field
Language: English
Run Time: 98 min.
Rating: R

The Boys in the Band – BluRay

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BLURAY Wolfe Price: $24.95 Available: June 16, 2015


William Friedkin’s groundbreaking 1970 film about a group of gay friends at a birthday party, who dissect their lives and relationships until a married straight friend unexpectedly appears. Based on Mart Crowley’s acclaimed Broadway play of the same name.

THE BOYS IN THE BAND was the first film to openly deal with gay issues in a personal, honest and shockingly-real fashion.

Stars all of the same actors from the original play. Producer/author Mart Crowley insisted that the entire original cast of the off-Broadway production be used in the film.

Directed by Academy Award® winning director, William Friedkin (The French Connection, The Exorcist).

Directed By: William Friedkin
Starring: Cliff Gorman, Kenneth Nelson, Leonard Frey, Peter White
Language: English
Run Time: 119 min.
Rating: R

Eastern Boys

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DVD Wolfe Price: $19.95 Available: June 02, 2015


Arriving from all over Eastern Europe, the men who loiter around the Gare du Nord train station in Paris are scraping by however they can, forming gangs for support and protection, ever fearful of being caught by the police and deported.

When the middle-aged, bourgeois Daniel approaches a boyishly handsome Ukrainian who calls himself Marek for a date, he learns the young man is willing to do anything for some cash. What Daniel intends only as sex-for-hire leads to a home invasion – and then an unexpectedly profound relationship. The drastically different circumstances of the two men’s lives reveal hidden facets of the city they share.

Year Produced: 2013
Directed By: Robin Campillo
Language: English, French, Russian, Ukrainian
Run Time: 128 min.
Rating: Not Rated

She Must Be Seeing Things

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DVD Wolfe Price: $19.95 Available: June 02, 2015


Agatha is an international lawyer, Jo a filmmaker. The two women are lovers. While Jo is on the road showing her films, Agatha discovers and reads her diaries. Problems ensue as Agatha’s transgression leads to jealousy and a spiraling cycle of sexual obsession.

Sheila Dabney and Lois Weaver star in this landmark lesbian classic, now digitally restored. Revelatory for its representation of a new lesbian desire, She Must Be Seeing Things put forth a politicized eroticism that mirrored the burgeoning butch/femme scene at the time.

Year Produced: 1987
Directed By: Sheila McLaughlin
Starring: Lois Weaver, Sheila Dabney
Language: English
Run Time: 94 min.
Rating: Not Rated

Of Girls and Horses

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DVD Wolfe Price: $19.95 Available: June 30, 2015


“Subtle and startling.” — AfterEllen.com

Featuring a quartet of talented stars, this under-stated drama from prolific lesbian filmmaker Monika Treut deftly unfolds the coming-of-age of rebellious teen Alex (popular German TV star, Ceci Chuh). Sent away by her mother to a horse farm in the country, Alex keeps up her bad girl ways but is gradually enamored with the horses — and with the resident lesbian riding instructor, Nina (the stunning Vanida Karun) who is taking a break from her partner Christine (the equally beautiful Ellen Grell). As Nina maintains her boundaries and tries to help Alex find purpose and maturity at this crucial moment in her life, the arrival of privileged young equestrian Kathy (Alissa Wilms) presents new challenges and opportunities for Alex as she grapples with her longing for love and connection. A beautiful drama.

Year Produced: 2014
Directed By: Monika Treut
Starring: Alissa Wilms, Ceci Schmitz-Chuh, Ellen Grell, Vanida Karun
Language: German
Run Time: 82 min.
Rating: Not Rated

Tiger Orange

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DVD Wolfe Price: $19.95 Available: July 07, 2015


Chet (Mark Strano, Out To Kill) and Todd (Frankie Valenti aka former adult star Johnny Hazzard) are estranged gay brothers who grew up in a small town in Central California to a homophobic, working class single father. While bad boy Todd ran off to Los Angeles and is now out and proud, Chet stayed at home (and mostly closeted) to run the family hardware store and care for their ailing father until the father’s recent death. Broke and homeless, Todd returns to the brother he left behind. As long-simmering resentments boil to the surface and the pair confront their differences and similarities, Tiger Orange serves up a poignant depiction of family dynamics and small town life — and the journeys we each must take.

Year Produced: 2014
Directed By: Wade Gasque
Starring: Frankie Valenti, Mark Strano
Language: English/Closed Captions
Run Time: 76 min.
Rating: Not Rated

Beyond Love

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DVD Wolfe Price: $19.95 Available: June 09, 2015


A collision course of love, friendship, family and desire.  

Long-term couple Anna and Marina want to have a baby and turn to their gay best friends Stefano and Tony for help with artificial insemination. But when financial obstacles make it impossible, Stefano suggests that Marina sleep with a man but she angrily dismisses it and disappears. Stefano, in an attempt to make it up to Marina, engages in prostitution to raise money. The arguments and quarrels lead the couples to the hospital where they realize their mistakes and face the worrying consequences of their behavior.

Year Produced: 2014
Directed By: Silvio Alfonso Nacucchi
Starring: Graziano Scarabicchi, Jessica Resteghini, Marco Gandolfi Vannini, Simona Molinari
Language: Italian
Run Time: 106 min.
Rating: Not Rated

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