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“One of my favorite LGBT movies is...”

Marie [Riese] Lyn Bernard ( Editor in Chief and CEO)

Posted on October 10, 2011  | Filed Under VIP Q Movie Pick

“I’m gonna say that SAVING FACE, objectively, is the best lesbian movie I’ve ever seen. It’s so underrated, but impeccably orchestrated, funny, and compelling, like any good romantic comedy. The best foreign lesbian movie ever is FUCKING AMAL [SHOW ME LOVE]. So tender! But my heart of hearts of hearts, because it lives inside my body which has eyeballs, has seen BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER 56 times, and will see it 56 more times before I die, because it is a masterpiece, and one of a handful of lesbian movies I feel like straight people have also seen and/or heard of. Right? It’s so funny. And Clea Duvall! Mhm.”

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