Lesbian.com’s Most Romantic Lesbian Movie List

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Check out these first two items from Lesbian.com film critic Stephanie Schroeder‘s Top Romantic Lesbian Movies!

“I’m not a big romantic (big surprise!). And I’m a pretty harsh judge of lesbian movies. But when the two meet and really work, it’s magical. Here are 10 romantic lesbian films (in no particularly meaningful order) I think are worthy of mentioning (and renting) for Valentine’s Day—or anytime you want a good dose of Sapphic sex and romance.

1. Drifting Flowers
This 2008 Taiwanese film is the second in a triptych of gentle, evocative lesbian films by director Zero Chou (The first was Spider Lillies). The story of Jing, a blind lounge singer, her younger sister May, and Diego, Jing’s butch lover who both girls call their family, is extremely sexy and endlessly moving. Because Jing is blind, her romance with Diego brings a heightened sensuality to the screen – Jing must actually feel (physically and emotionally) her way through life. When she reaches out to her lover, the effect is tantalizing.

2. Desert Hearts
This classic stands up well to the test of time. Made back in 1985, this story of sexual awakening stars the very sexy Helen Shaver as an uptight college professor who meets a local cowgirl in Nevada where she has come to get a divorce. The climatic love scene is slow and sensual, and the exquisite pleasurably pained look on Helen Shaver’s face on experiencing lesbian sex for the first time still sticks in my head as sexy and thrilling decades later.”

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