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“One of my favorite LGBT movies is...”

Kimberly Peirce (director, CARRIE, BOYS DON’T CRY)

Posted on October 14, 2013  | Filed Under VIP Q Movie Pick

“What a fun thing to think about — so many great movies and great movie moments come back to me. Some of my favorite LGBT movies are: Happy Together: I watched it 3 times in one week at the Quad Cinema, with my buddy Robin, I was mesmerized by those two guys and by those saturated green walls. Scorpio Rising: like Happy Together, I watched it over and over, only I recall it being the RED that I couldn’t get out of my head. Victor, Victoria: my parents had just gotten cable, it was on that month — I watched it about a billion times — I didn’t know why. My Own Private Idaho: River Phoenix, so beautiful, so sad to think of him passing with Heath [Ledger] just passing – miss Heath – what a great filmmaker Gus Van Sant is. Ma Vie en Rose: what a wonderful story. My Beautiful Laundrette: the amazing Daniel Day LewisHedwig and the Angry Inch: my fiance’ was just reminding me of how Hedwig recalls the origin of love story. The Hunger: watched this at a bar on the press tour for Boys Don’t Cry – one good way to spend a date.”

Watch the trailers for Kim’s Boys Don’t Cry (now available on both DVD and Blu-ray from and her super-exciting re-envisioning of the classic horror movie, Carrie below!


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