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Posted on September 15, 2009  | Filed Under VIP Q Movie Pick
Ian Rashid

Jean Genet’s UN CHANT D’AMOUR has got to be my all time fave. Genet’s only film was shocking for it’s time and almost universally banned as obscene pornography. It still holds its power and is incredibly relevant today. It’s an erotic story of two prisoners and their guard who play out themes of submission and domination, which challenge ideas of confinement and freedom. It’ about cruelty, violence, defiance, love, liberation; the possibilities of transformation, lyricism, and desire under the most brutal, institutional authority–all told in 25 minutes. Also, when I first saw it, I fancied one of the prisoners was South Asian, which was the first queer point of racial identification on film for me, albeit a mistaken one–the actor was probably Algerian. But it made me love Genet even more.”

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