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“One of my favorite LGBT movies is...”

Chip Conley (gay hotelier and author)

Posted on February 16, 2012  | Filed Under VIP Q Movie Pick

“There are so many! The most poignant LGBT movie for me personally was ANOTHER COUNTRY, which was sort of my coming out film. Had a terrible crush on Rupert Everett back then and that film helped me feel proud to be gay, as did MAURICE years later. There’s a whole collection of off-beat LGBT films from MYSTERIOUS SKIN to HEDWIG to BOYS DON’T CRY to THE JOY OF LIFE that would make my top 10 list. Being a film festival junkie, sometimes my favorites are the small films I see at a festival like the documentary on Bayard Rustin, BROTHER OUTSIDER, which I saw at Sundance and led to proud tears for this gay civil rights leader.”

Check out Chip’s website for info about his new New York Times best-seller, Emotional Equations.