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“One of my favorite LGBT movies is...”

Charmain Johnson (creator, The Lovers & Friends Show)

Posted on November 11, 2014  | Filed Under VIP Q Movie Pick
Charmain Johnson

“I would have to say But I’m a Cheerleader. The concept of a program that tries to make homosexuals into heterosexuals in an almost rehab-like environment was hilarious and seeing Ru Paul attempt to be straight was priceless! That’s definitely my favorite.”

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Kate Johnston (Co-Director, Tru Love)

Posted on September 16, 2014  | Filed Under VIP Q Movie Pick

Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald

“My fave LGBT movie? I have numerous. To name just a few — Imagine Me and You, Entre Nous with the delicious French actresses Isabelle Huppert and Mioux Mioux, Desert Hearts (classic, timeless) and If These Walls Could Talk 2, But I’m a Cheerleader and Show Me Love. Concussion. Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf for comedy. It’s endless, really. I could go on…endlessly. Each of these films has resonated with me for different heartfelt reasons. I loved The Hunger with Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon. Very sexy, especially with the piano scene. Lakme music. I am clearly attracted to the older woman/younger woman theme here. But In this case, a little extreme, hundreds of years difference. If I had to pick just two it would be Desert Hearts and If These Walls Could Talk 2.”

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Shauna MacDonald (Star, Co-Director, Tru Love)

Posted on August 25, 2014  | Filed Under VIP Q Movie Pick
Shauna MacDonald

“I’ve never been a big ‘Hollywood Ending’ fan so my two picks are complicated and tragic tearjerkers. My favorite LGBT movies are – First: Laurence Anyways -from the dynamic Quebec filmmaker, Xavier Dolan. I adored Laurence and Fred – I was fighting for them to make their relationship work, deeply felt their despair and then finally breathed during their rebirth – what a powerful journey Dolan takes us on. I was shaky when I left the theatre. And my runner up is Before Night Falls, with Javier Bardem‘s incredible performance as Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas – Wow! Both films still linger in my mind today.”

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Constanza Fernández (Director, A Map for Love)

Posted on August 5, 2014  | Filed Under VIP Q Movie Pick

Constanza Fernandez

“My favorite LGBT film is ever-changing but my current top one is Blue Is the Warmest Color. I would have been very happy to meet a movie like this in my teens, when my options were only hetero-normative. A second one that I would like to mention is Being John Malkovich, a deep lesbian issue film talking about something else.”

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Anna Margarita Albelo (writer-director, Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?)

Posted on July 29, 2014  | Filed Under VIP Q Movie Pick
Anna Margarita Albelo

“My favorite LGBT film still has to be Go Fish. I saw it in France at the 1995 Paris Gay and Lesbian film festival. It was my first LGBT film fest and it was huge! I went with a bunch of friends and when it was over, I was blown away. It was personal, political, universal, and gorgeous! I admired how Rose Troche used experimental filmmaking and loved Guinevere Turner‘s writing which was funny and sexy, yet also focused on the politics of bisexuality, dating, and sex. It was THE movie that made me decide to just do it and make lesbian film. Six months later, I was making my first short film, KOKO, an all-lesbian version of Breathless by Godard. It screened at over 80 film festivals and brought me to my first Frameline and Outfest. I’ve been a dedicated lesbian filmmaker ever since!”

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Cory Krueckeberg (director, Getting Go: The Go Doc Project)

Posted on May 20, 2014  | Filed Under VIP Q Movie Pick
Cory Krueckeberg

“I owe so much of my artistic POV to all the queer films I saw growing up… I love the humor and intelligence of Love! Valour! Compassion!; the style, musicality and reinvention of my favorite genre in Cabaret; the envelope pushing of a major studio and A-listers when it wasn’t cool that was Philadelphia… BUT I would have to say my favorite queer film is Parting Glances because it’s the first time I remember seeing those characters on screen (albeit via VHS on my parents’ TV almost 10 years after it was made). And not only were those characters on that screen, they were unapologetic, especially Steve Buscemi‘s Nick who brimmed with a magnetically visceral blend of optimism and anarchy.”

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Stephan Lacant (director, Free Fall)

Posted on May 20, 2014  | Filed Under VIP Q Movie Pick
Stephan Lacant

“My favorite LGBT movie… Let me think… Brokeback Mountain – I know, it’s a pretty lame choice, but I just love horses… No, joking apart, there are quite a lot of LGBT films I love. A Single Man immediately pops into my mind – such a beautiful and poetic movie that really moved me. Blue is the Warmest Color is another one – a strong, honest, powerful film. I also like Summerstorm and many many more…”

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Sean Paul Lockhart (star, Truth, Judas Kiss)

Posted on April 1, 2014  | Filed Under VIP Q Movie Pick
Sean Paul Lockhart

“I think one of my favorite LGBT films is Running with Scissors. I’ve always felt like that movie just ‘got’ me. Watching it, suddenly my mother’s crazy antics and my father’s in ability to recognize I exist were not quite as devastating as I thought. Augusten Burroughs deserves a survival medal! Since I can’t choose just one, Christopher and His Kind warms my heart. I’m a sucker for period films. Getting a glimpse into a world and another time when living as a queer soul was so very different fascinates me! Both of these are masterfully captured. I can even watch them on mute and just let the images flicker by. Mesmerizing!”

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